Where to start…?

Well the beginning is always a good idea so I have been told so I guess I’ll give that a go.

Well to kick this off I suppose you probably want to know a little bit about me (unless you clicked the rather obviously titled ‘Who the hell is Sibaroni?’ tab in the menu at the top)

Well assuming that you haven’t and your diving head first into this post, then a brief summary is as follows:

I am a singer/songwriter who is based in London but originally I hail from the unofficial culture of capital for the world, Cardiff in sunny south Wales – number 11 or so on the National Geographic’s top 50 places to see don’t you know.

Back in the day I played in a few bands on the local scene ‘The Mantles, 3 Random Words and 6 Month Plan being the most prominent of these and I’ll write a bit about each in future posts.

I came to London much like Dick Whittington to seek my fame and fortune and was lucky to study under some  very cool people at the slightly famous London College of Music & Media, including Pip Williams who has a quite ridiculous CV which includes being Diana Ross’ musical director, producing my all time favourite Moody Blues album and erm he produced and played guitar on every single Status Quo album.

Ironically after spending three years learning how to muck around in a expensive studios from the best in the industry the first proper body of work I have ever committed to tape (or it’s modern day equivalent) has a deliberately lo-fi feel to it.

Just to make it clear that is no reflection on Pip’s skills as a teacher, or even my lack of skills as a producer (check the incredibly talented Paddy Macdonald here to see that if I can actually make things sound professional if I want http://www.myspace.com/paddyacoustic/music/songs/piece-of-rain-14916918 )

I just I likes (sic) a bit of Lo-fi to be honest.

Which brings us kind of up to date (with very little actual information I must confess)

Basically to summarise,

I use to be a tiny bit famous (I was once descibed by The Independent as a pretty boy singer with pin up potential I’ll have you know)

I managed to get away with pissing about in Recording Studios for three years claiming it as an education

And I have a new album out. (Warning shamelss plug alert)

The album is called ‘Forgotten hymns of the failed revolution’ and you can download a free sampler (5 full tracks absolutley gratis) from here http://sibaroni.bandcamp.com/