Album review Django Django

by Sibaroni

Okay,so I’m a little bit behind with this album review what with the album coming out well over a year ago, in fact these fellas have already got a remix album out as well now and are more than likely well on their way with a follow up no doubt. However, the whole point of this blog was to shout out about quality music that I come across and I only came across this a wee while ago.

Well OK it was about four months ago but I’ve been having one of those winters…

So anyway, for those of you even further behind the musical times than me, Django Django are a four piece that formed at Edinburgh College of Art comprised of David Maclean (drums/production) Vincent Neff (vocals and guitars), Tommy Grace (synths) and Jimmy Dixon (bass) who released an eponymous album back in January 2012 and quite simply it’s a stunning, exciting and confident album that has been an ever present on my playlist since I was introduced to it in December that same year.

On the first listen I have to say that my initial thoughts were that this was a band that sounded too derivative. However, even before I had reached the end of the record I realised that there was far more to this band than the vast collection of influences that they wear proudly on their sleeves.

Comparisons to the Beta Band are frequent if a little obvious and a touch lazy (Django’s David is Beta’s John’s brother) but are still certainly are valid although the Django sound is a little more upbeat to my ears. Shades of the Super Furries and the Flaming Lips are also evident but then I found myself noting similarities to much more esoteric sounds like DJ Afrosiac, Jesse Saunders and Arthur Lee.

However, it is the close harmonies that sit across the perfectly crafted pop songs that are so instantly reminiscent of the late 60s psychedelia that the Beech Boys made their own. In fact if Brian Wilson were making music today this is exactly the album I would expect him to have made.

The album has a number of stand out tracks and pretty much kicks straight into the the two big singles “Hail Bop” which is the one tune I have the most difficulty getting out of my head followed quickly by “Default” which is perhaps the best known of the bands singles to date.

“Firewater” sounds like Gomez on a good day, “Waveform” again has a Californian breeziness about it whilst “Zumm Zumm” sounds like it could be the soundtrack to a bonus level of Sonic the Hedgehog.

In fact there is hardly a filler on the album…. Well perhaps “skies over Cairo” is a little weak, but even this has a lovely charm that reminds me that of my first exploration into fruity loops back in the nineties.

With this exceptional debut, Django Django have delivered something far greater than the sum of its widely eclectic parts.

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