I am the city (new lyrics idea)

by Sibaroni

I’m the editor of a magazine
and people Iike what I have to say
So I tell them what they Want to hear
and I’ll always keep my job that way.
Money talks,for a price I’ll walk
whichever way you say
I’ll be your bitch although you make me sick
Cos being righteous will never make me rich

I am the city
You made me
I am your pretty
You want to hate me
but I exist
because of you.

I am the scribe of all your sins
the rotten testimony of your lives
A broken mirror of disgust
reflecting your culture built on lies
I belong to you like a favorite whore
Filthy gorgeous, beautifully coarse
kiss me, kick me make me bleed
in my glossy reflection you see your greed

Take me
you know you want to…

I am the city….